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About Me

My name is Kang See Hong. I am Digital Marketing Consultant for Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) based in Penang, Malaysia.

Leads Generation








My Work Experience

Business Development Manager

Industrial supplies, hardware supplier, instrumental supplier.

Sales & Application Engineer

Factory Automation parts – Motion Control, Electrical & instrument parts, sensors, Controllers and etc.

Other sales related job

Life & General Insurance agent, Water Filter dealer, Credit Card sales. 

My Education

Bachelor of Business

Business Information System (Hons) – under graduate. (course on going)

Advanced Diploma

Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering

(Mechanical & Electronics Engineering)


Society Involvement

Malaysia E-commerce Association

Vice President (2016)

Che Hoon Khor Mandarin Toastmasters Club

Vice President (Public Relations) 2005-2006

My Story

The Fate with Digital Marketing

I discovered the secret and power of internet can help in acquiring customer during my work as Sales Engineer in year around 2007. As sales, we are required to open new account (new customer) to sell our product. I follow the most usual way as teach by my boss and senior – cold calling, knocking door to door from factory to factory in the region. This way is very unproductive because most of the time we not able to meet the right person to introduce our product. There are a few thousand workers in a factory. How do we get to know the person in charge of our product? As usual way, go for general line. Then of course, we get the general answer when not meeting the right person. Common answer given by the person over the phone when doing cold calling:- 

  1. “We already have vendor”
  2. “We no need your product / service”
  3. “May be you leave your catalogue at the guard house, I will go and take when I free. “


    No more Cold Calling !

    The situation changed when i started to use internet as marketing tools. I proposed to my boss that our company must have a website and he agreed. Then he allocated some fund to sign up hosting and register domain name. From there, I started to do website for our company. It was in year 2008, where WordPress was just a new born baby. I use Microsoft FrontPage to start a very basic website using html and push it into Google search engine. 

    Suprisingly, we received some inquiries from the factory staff who has rejected during the cold calling last time. Based on the email received, I make appointment to visit them. This is the time where I meet the right person to sell my product (machine parts). Good thing is they introduce their colleague in the same group and in case they need our service, they can contact us. From here I start a relationship with new customer.

    Internet made my job much easier compare to last time when do cold calling.

    Why I am in Digital Marketing today?

    Since internet can help me to acquire customer online, I then share the idea with my friends who has businesses in other industries. I apply the same tools in their industry and it also give me some good results. I thought it was just some trial as I was still under employment that time. Since then I am getting more and more busy to serve more and more people. Then I turn it into full time business. It was year 2011 when I turn to full time business helping businesses to setup their online portfolio such as website, SEO and so on. It was SEO era in year 2011. Facebook was just a new born baby.

    Where I learn about Digital Marketing?

    Along the way, I keep learning from various internet marketing guru, attend webinar, online courses and product training by internet service vendors.



    The needs

    Businesses need customers

    Every business need new customer to sustain.

    Buyer is looking for vendor

    Everyday there are thousands of buyers is searching and looking for vendors to buy their products.

    The Trend


    Searching for vendor or buying things online is the trend in this era. Without leaving their comfort home, one can get the product they want buy just tapping their phone or computer keyboard.

    Save time

    With internet, we can save a lot of time and do more business. Those can deal and talk online, just resolve online.


    Internet is the future

    Internet is the necessity

    Like electricity today, internet will be the necessity tomorrow. More and more things is connected into internet. Human will not leave without internet, just like electricity. We cant afford 1 minute without electricity.

    What I Do

    I provide one stop solution for digital marketing related service.
    • marketing agency
    • Website development
    • Social media marketing

    My Work

    I am actively involved in several industries to help them getting in potential buyer. 

    Your business would like to go online?